The Good News

December 24, 2017

In a world that brings us laughter, excitement, and triumphs, it can also bring loneliness, pain, and overwhelming challenges. Simply put, life can be hard. There is  good news! God never intended for us to go at this life alone. Join us and hear about the Good News as Lead Pastor John Almquist helps us stay focus on what 'good' really means. Join us Sunday's at 10a in New Braunfels, Texas.


Peacemaker Series - Part 3

December 17, 2017

What to do when sin wins? Most everyone has had a friend, relative, or neighbor bent on self-destruction. Often times they claim they're not hurting anyone as they leave a path in history marked by pain. What is the most loving thing we can do? What should we do? How can we best care for them? Lead Pastor John Almquist continues part three of a closer look at conflict resolution and what to do when someone full surrenders to win, and is resolute in their selfish desires to never look back. Join us on Sunday morning for a great equipping opportunity for a waiting world.


Peacemakers Series - Part 2

December 10, 2017

Who doesn't like to be right? Most of us won't admit it, but much of the time we're more interested in being right than being at peace. What marks a true peacemaker? Lead Pastor John Almquist continues part two of a closer look at conflict resolution. Join us on Sunday morning for a great equipping opportunity for a waiting world.


Peacemakers Series - Part 1

December 3, 2017

Chances are you're not the last person on the face of the earth, you don't currently live on the International Space Station, nor are you marooned on an island.. Unless you find yourself in a similar location or situation where you're completely alone, you will have conflict with someone. Lead Pastor John Almiquist looks at the crucial, and often overlooked, obligation every Christian must relentlessly pursue to be known as authentic by everyone - Christian and non-Christian alike.


May the Lord Find Us Faithful

November 26, 2017

If you think about branding, what is the number one jingle that comes to mind? Is it about insurance, food, sports or health? Do you think people are becoming more brand loyal? Why do you think they would be more or less faithful to the most well recognized household brands? Today, Trustee Robert Boyd has some fun looking at the most well known brands in our world today and how this applies to Luke 18.


ROOTED Series Part 8 - Committed to Ministry and Service, Innovation and Relvance

November 19, 2017

Have you ever considered what we're made for? Lead Pastor, John Almquist explores what Scripture has to say about how we can live more rich and fulfilling lives. 


ROOTED Series Part 7 - Committed to Community

November 12, 2017

If you've ever considered your faith to be 'me & Jesus', tune in, take note, and be challenged. Lead Pastor, John Almquist investigates why God places a high value on biblical community and so should we. You matter to God, therefore you matter to His people. We hope you're encouraged and reminded of His loving kindness and how crazy He is for you!


ROOTED Series Part 6 - Committed to the Uncommitted

November 5, 2017

If you have faith is it really that important to share it? Listen to Lead Pastor, John Almquist examine our core believe of being 'committed to the uncommitted' and why we believe that lost people matter to God; therefore, they matter to us. 


Sabbath Rest

October 29, 2017

Are you tired? Have you ever wondered why God rested after six days of work? Join Todd Smith from New Braunfels, Texas as he looks at Sabbath rest and why we should consider adding it back to our ever so busy schedules. 


ROOTED Series Part 5 - Authentic in Our Walk

October 22, 2017

What's the #1 way to lose the credibility of your faith? From New Braunfels, Texas - Lead Pastor John Almquist unpacks why authenticity is crucial for a watching world and how it should mark our faith - individually and as a body of believers. Today we explore part five of our ROOTED series. Be reminded church why authenticity is a mark of spiritual maturity and is one of our core values.