ROOTED Series Part 5 - Authentic in Our Walk

October 22, 2017

What's the #1 way to lose the credibility of your faith? From New Braunfels, Texas - Lead Pastor John Almquist unpacks why authenticity is crucial for a watching world and how it should mark our faith - individually and as a body of believers. Today we explore part five of our ROOTED series. Be reminded church why authenticity is a mark of spiritual maturity and is one of our core values. 


Baptism Celebration - What does baptism mean and why do we do it?

August 6, 2017

Ever thought about being baptized or maybe you were baptized as a baby.

We encourage all Christ-followers to be baptized, but why?  Baptism is a great opportunity to share your story of Grace and so much more.  Listen in as Johnathan and Todd share more about baptism and how and why it should play a role in the life of every Christian.